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The most important details at a glance!

  1. The subscriptions at a glance

  2. Difference monthly and yearly payment & discounts

  3. Tips, tricks and our conditions

  4. Cancellation period & termination

  5. Old billing plans and subscriptions

Note: The following information is not legally binding and is only a simplified presentation and clarification of important questions regarding your subscription. Links from this article lead to authoritative sources of information.

1. The subscriptions at a glance

In principle, there is no minimum usage. Anyone can take out a subscription with us. The subscriptions get bigger the more users are created and the more services & features are needed. The basis is always the weekly schedule, i.e. the shift planning including all e-mail notifications.

Basic 2€

It starts with 2€ per employee per month for the basic subscription. In addition to the weekly plan, you can choose between the vacation planner, the feature with which you can set absences or request them as an employee and manage them as an admin. Alternatively, one can use the Time Tracking feature. 
For the planning function, only an admin profile can be created in Basic.

Professional 4€

For 4€ you get both features, plus the possibility, as in the trial, to appoint additional admins or managers, i.e. employees with additional skills. In addition, employees can now specify at what times they are regularly available.

Premium 6€

You are always up to date with Premium, here all features are included, of course always the best support and the working time account, which helps you and your employees to keep an overview of the overtime.

Enterprise from 100 Users

If it is a large company that books at least the Professional subscription, then we can select the Enterprise plan, which allows alternative conditions for the next cohort of employees.


For NGOs that demonstrate ethical and moral values, we have separately favorable rates. Our sales team is looking forward to your call.

Brief overview of the available functions per billing plan:

- Shift planner incl. time recording, OR absence planning. 
- Only one planner (administrator) possible.
- Exports
- 30 days log 
- Support

- Shift planner incl. time recording & absence planning
- Multiple planners (administrators & managers) possible
- Employee lock function available
- Availabilities of employees can be entered
- Exports
- 60 days log
- Support

- Shift planner incl. time recording, absence planning, working time account & badges
- Multiple planners (administrators & managers) possible
- Employee lock function available
- Availabilities of employees can be entered
- Entry of overtime & undertime
- Shifts can be prioritized by badges
- Exports & bulk imports
- 90 days log
- Support

2. Difference monthly and yearly payment & discounts

The above prices are net prices. If you pay for a year in advance, you get 10% discount on it. This of course has special consequences.

Special features for annual payment

Of course, you could just pay a user 1 year in advance, and then just quickly create a few more. But that would be unfair, and therefore it is not possible.

Each additional user will be charged proportionally for the rest of the period. So if you want to create more than one user, please contact us so that you don't get multiple invoices.

Subsequent discounts due to a reduction in the number of employees are not possible, that's what the monthly billing plans are for.

Monthly payment

If you have a seasonal business or fluctuating employee numbers, monthly payment is handy. The system checks once a month to see how many users have been created, and then creates an individual invoice.


Discounts can be granted in individual cases and as a gesture of goodwill. Since even our own number of employees can fluctuate from time to time, we can only guarantee discounts for a maximum of 1 year in advance.

3. Tips, tricks and our conditions

To make your experience with a Staffomatic subscription as positive as possible, there are a few conditions.

Keep account clean

Under "Employees" you can filter by status. All created users are accounted for. Popular are "without workspace" or locked users.

Delete user

In view of possible company audits, we expressly point out that before deleting a user, it is essential to export all relevant data. Work assignments and absences from the evaluation, all time recordings and working time accounts.

Cost overview

As an admin, you can open your profile in the top right corner of the app and navigate to Plans & Billing. Here you can view all current and upcoming costs and invoices.

Data protection

We are a company based in Hamburg, and as is common on the Internet, we use third-party software. We work DSGVO compliant and make sure that this is also the case with third parties. Our rented servers are located in Germany. You can also get details about this yourself at any time in the account settings by clicking on Privacy. An individualized order processing contract can be downloaded here.

More information can be found on our website: Data Policy


4. Cancellation period & termination

Actually, of course, we do not want to inform about it, but we are an honest and personal company, and just as you are advised individually here on the first day, so also on the supposed last.

Cancellation periods

Basically, we don't have any. If someone wants to go, then so be it. The only thing that is important to note is the billing. Once billed, the subscription is renewed. Look in plans and statements when your next bill is coming, and cancel well in advance.


Before giving notice, all data should always be exported. Work assignments and absences from the evaluation, all time records and working time accounts.

One way to cancel is to delete the account immediately in the account settings, equivalent to the end of the subscription.

However, in order for us to learn we would be very happy if you would call us or chat with us. This way you can be sure that the cancellation will be received. Before an account can be deleted, the subscription must be cancelled first.

Of course, we will see what the problem is and hope to convince you to stay, but we also know that travelers should not be stopped. We are happy about the chance.

5. Old billing plans and subscriptions

For old subscriptions like the Business packages special conditions apply. We especially ask to check if an upgrade (free of charge) to the new version has already taken place and about contact via chat or phone.

Section 4 also applies to all old billing plans.