Notifications, Messages, Chat and E-Mails

When are which messages sent?

What kind of E-Mails do you want?

Users may switch to their profile and open the tab "notifications". You can select the kind of e-mails that you want and those you don't want to receive.

Messages (Pro Feature)

Admins and Managers with according rights can send messages to addressees or groups inside Staffomatic.

Employees can only answer if set so by the sender (allow comments or attachments).

Users will receive a e-mail notification about the message and can directly access the message via a link.

Chat (Beta Feature)

This tool is yet not working completely and therefore not integrated in any billing plans.

This tool is for everyone to play with and just chat. There won't be any notifications and e-mails or anything. The only thing that happens is a little number about the new messages in the chat on the chat icon in your navigation bar.

Invitation mails

Whenever you create a user via e-mail, the user will receive an e-mail with instructions how to join your Staffomatic account. As longs as this hasn't happened, you have to cross-location filter for users "not confirmed" in order to find the profile again.

You can send a reminder mail, but only one mail every 20 minutes.

E-Mail notifications & settings

Decide in your profile under "notifications" what kind of notification you want to receive and which not.

  1. Open profile of staff / or your own
  2. In the center of the screen you will find different tabs, one of which is "notifications"
  3. Check for all types of notifications you want to receive
  4. Changes are saved automatically

E-Mail notifications for schedules and assignments

In order to notify staff you got to make sure when publishing a schedule or releasing changes to check the box in the window asking you to decide whether you want to inform your staff.

When an assignment was destroyed or another shift was created, you may require other staff to take over. However, no e-mail will be sent out automatically, you need to manually trigger the e-mail notification by sending changes. It will only be sent out if users have never before received a notification for any of the assignments (e.g. because it was assigned to someone else when it was published).

Further reasons why staff does not receive notifications:

  • E-mail address has bounced and is locked and won't receive any e-mail from our server
  • The user had been informed about this shift before
  • User has unsubscribed from our e-mails either by clicking the link in the mail to unsubscribe or by deactivating notifications in the profile
  • User is not available for the shift (Not fitting set availabilities or approved absence or maximum hours are exceeded)

E-Mail swap notifications

When a user releases an assignment for swapping the system will look at the starting time stamp of the shift.

The later in the future the shift will take place the later notifications will be sent out. This way the system can collect other swap requests and send them all together. Furthermore it allows us to yield server requests and to avoid spam.

If the shift will take place in less than 24 hours the notification will be sent out within minutes.

Only available staff will receive a notification about the available shift.

Issues and problems with mails

You may want to contact us and tell us that there are mails that should have been reaching your employees but didn't. First of all there are the basic things that need to be checked, and furthermore we need specific information when inquiring:

  • Notification mails will only be sent when applying to the user (location and department)
  • and when affected (schedule / shift)
  • Internet connection validated?
  • Spam A: The software you use for mails might hold back notifications
  • Spam B: Same is true for your provider, not all settings synchronize spam or junk mails
  • Inbox might be full?
  • E-Mail server unavailable and User hard bounced (most of the times this happens when a new employee receives a new company e-mail address, but the invitation to Staffomatic was sent before the set up by your local IT


  • Identify mails by Staffomatic and add as contact
  • Add Staffomatic mails to the list of safe senders
  • "Whitelist" our mails
  • Contact us with the link to your Staffomatic app and the page which shows that the user was affected (location, department). Name the date and time of the event and give us the e-mail address of the user.

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