What happens updating from Staffomatic 3 to the new Staffomatic 4?

This article covers answers to any doubt and concerns when deciding about a product update including an perspective on the data, functions, timing, access and payment.

  1. Which version am I working with?
  2. All in one breve chapter
  3. When do we have to update?
  4. All about data, schedules, absences, timers etc.
  5. Staff, access and logins
  6. Subscription plan / payment
  7. Continue with the old version / back to the old version

What are the features of the new version 4?


  • New state-of-the-art design
  • New exports with better data
  • Location selector in the main navigation
  • Working all location with two clicks
  • Restructured staff profile with better overview
  • Request absences from the profile
  • Working Time Account (Premium Plan)
  • 60 or 90 days log (Professional und Premium)
  • Enhanced functionalities within the schedule 
    • Deadlined swap requests
    • Deactivation of application process
    • Self-assign with deadline
    • Self-remove with deadline
    • Schedule zoom and turn off weekdays

    1. Which version am I working with?

    If your web-app appears to be grey toned with a black navigation bar, then you are most probably working with old Staffomatic. Click help and feedback (?) and read black on white. Also, the URL of your browser should show your company name and staffomaticapp.com.

    Wenn deine Web-App gräulich aussieht mit schwarzer Navigationsleiste, dann ist es wahrscheinlich die alte Version. Klicke auf Hilfe und Feedback (?) und erhalte die schriftliche Bestätigung. In der URL-Leiste müsste auch dein Firmenname.easypepapp.com stehen.


    On the other hand, finding your app in rather blueish tones with modern design, state of the art, you are already using the new version.

    If you are not so sure, then click your profile picture / initials and help. A pop up window will state the current version number. 


    When you just testet the new version, e.g. clicked the unicorn icon in the old version, then e-mails will arrive old style as well as exports and lower performance.

    If that is the case, just replace the URL link from staffomatic.app to staffomaticapp.com. In the old version will be a banner with a migration button to finally update your account also in the databank.

    2. All in one breve chapter

    • With the update obligations and financial costs are NOT involved
    • You can return to the old version any time. The databank is the same, only the URL changes. Hence, no data can get lost.
    • Bookmarked links will not work anymore / forward to the new version.
    • The new version brings improved exports, fresh design, eased all location working and many more small stuff.
    • The new working time account is available with the premium plan.

    3. When do we have to change?

    The earlier you switch, the earlier you can profit from the advantages of our latest web-app.


    Our old version 3 is going to be deactivated soon. Already now, there is no more chat support and no more new features in this version.

    💡 Maybe, due to Covid, there is less activity within your account- the perfect moment to switch. You can use time effectively to prepare yourself and your team for working with the new surface when business is back on.💡

    4. All about data, schedules, absences, timers etc.

    All your data of the old version is already available in the new version.

    The two versions are working parallel. Hence, you can access your data also in version 4 and vice versa. Accordingly, all your schedules, templates, timers, absences and staff are already awaiting you in the new version.


    The databank is exactly the same as in version three, no data can get lost. The web-app is only the gateway which, in the new version, is using a new URL in order to access the same data as does the old version and old URL.

    5. Staff, access and logins

    The Terminal app as well as the staff app are not affected by the update!

    When your account is switched all staff will be automatically forwarded from the old to the new version.


    Old bookmarks do not work any longer.

    Bookmarks and other saved links should be regenerated in the new version to avoid work lag through rerooting. 


    E-Mail notifications will arrive in new design and the links will be connected to the new version. 

    Recovering your account with your E-Mail address works anytime: Click here!

    6. Subscription Plan / Payment

    It is not necessary to adjust your subscription in order to be able updating Staffomatic. Only new features are restricted to our latest plans, which can be found here.

    Using older subscriptions can result in upgrade suggestion notifications within the web-app, but please do not get irritated, all functions you were able to use in V3 remain in the new Staffomatic version 4.

    7. Continue with the old version / back to the old version

    If you changed to the new version, it is still possible to use the old one.

    Just exchange staffomatic.app with staffomaticapp.com. There might be notes asking you to redirect to the new version, but you can x them out. 



    It is the best choice to start getting comfortable with the new app as soon as possible, since the old version will be deactivated soon and all accounts will be redirected to the new version. Already now there is no more chat support and also no more developments for the old version.


    You are facing trouble using the new version, you don't want to change?

    Well, on the long run this might be problematic, but let's talk things through. Please get in touch with us :)