Profile, roles and invitation of employees

Administrator, Manager, Staff / Employees - Who is allowed to do and see things - Management of profiles - inviting Staff

Account Owner

The one who signs up for the trial is automatically set as the account owner and at the same time administrator (brev: admin). The owner consequently owns the rights to switch the roles of others and may turn one of those to become the new account owner. Since there can only be one account owner, she or he will afterwards be returned to be a regular admin. You may find the option in the profile settings.

Rights and roles

Staffomatic offers the following three roles:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Staff

Only an admin can determine the role and adjust specific rights of managers (see explanation below).

The assignment to departments applies to all roles as requirement for assignments to shifts in weekly schedules.

Managers are employees with specific rights. These may be adjusted when navigating to the settings of a specific staff and continue with "permissions". You may decide in different sections of the tool if a manager can see, update, create or delete items.

Regular staff do not have any administrative rights. Still, there are some functions and decisions about their visibility that might be made by admins or managers with the necessary permissions which have effects on all staff. You will find hints about these options in the articles covering absences and the schedule/weekplan.

Profile and rights as admin


Unrestricted view and access rights to all areas. Admins can view/ edit all data and change basic account settings (e.g. plan, billing data). They are also able to cancel or delete the account. It is very important to rethink who you want to become an admin and also think of a restrictive clause in the work contract.

Profile details

Can be independently edited at any time when clicking on your profile top right or by other admins navigating to "employees" and looking up the requested user. 

Manager and employee profile

Profile details and rights

Managers and employees can complete their own profile details when activating their account, but cannot change their own profile role. Alternatively, admins have the option of entering profile information in advance.

Mandatory information: Name, surname, role
Optional: Profile picture, contact information, birthday, identification number, ...

Create an account without an e-mail address

  • No access to Staffomatic
  • No option to view schedules including functions (swap and shift applications)
  • Schedule and shifts as well as absences can only be planned by admins and managers and distributed to the staff via export or print
  • Time tracking is possible also without e-mail address

E-mail addresses may be attached to the profile later. The staff will then automatically receive an invitation to activate the personal log-in to Staffomatic.

Profil mit E-Mail-Adresse anlegen

  • Within 30 minutes the user will receive an invitation and instruction for the activation of the profile.
  • In the very moment of activation the user will be able to use all functions according to the settings made by the admin or manager.
  • When activated, the user will receive all notification e-mails via the same address.
  • Employees who haven't accepted their invitation yet my be filtered in the employee-section by status "not yet confirmed".
  • Important: If company mail-addresses are used, please make sure that they are activated by the own IT-services. If the invitation is sent too early the user gets hard bounced and will not receive any further e-mail.
  • The invitation mail might also end up in the spam folder. Please make staff also check spam folders on the page of the provider (not only in the app). If that's the case Staffomatic should be marked as no Spam, added to contacts and added to the list of safe senders (the terms may be different depending on the provider).

Differentiating Managers and Employees

Managers can be set by admins only. The role fits for employees with functions within the planning and administrative process, but should not be able to have an eye on billing or to cancel the account. The adjusted rights do only take effect in the departments where the manager was put. Please note: Each manager can do everything around time tracking. Restriction for this section are in the making.

If there is an employee who should exceptionally own rights to see the holidays of the colleagues, you might switch him to a manager, switch off all the rights except "view" in absences. You also have the choice to allow all the staff to see absences which is a setting discussed in the article around absences.

Managing existing profiles

Navigate to "Employees". Use the filters to identify the employee that you are looking for.
If you are missing one of your employees, please check the filters for those "not confirmed" and those "without department".
You may have a quick adjustment of a profile by klicking on the little pen icon in the actions column. If you klick the name, you'll be forwarded to the overview page of the employee. Select "edit" in order to edit the profile.
Employees my change their basic contact information here as well as using the availability feature when booked.

Deleting and blocking profiles

Before deciding whether to delete or block a user, please make sure to backup all data concerning the employee (move to reports for absences and shifts and to tracked times for all timers).
Staffomatic rents out the tool for usage but is not responsible for the obligation to furnish evidence as an employer.

Deletion: All data including shifts, timers and absences are going to be erased unrecoverably.

Blocking: Access to Staffomatic and the terminal will be blocked and may get unblocked at any time. The profile and all data will remain even though not visible. Therefor, the invoice will be calculated also around blocked users.