Login does not work - what can I do?

Don't worry, after checking all possible issues you'll at least be able to create a new password.

  1. Often e-mail and password are correct, and the actual issue is that you are using a wrong URL link to the account. To find the right account for your login click here: Staffomatic Login
    Then, enter your email address and select the account you want to log in to. 
  2. Have you been invited yet? To become part of a Staffomatic account, the planners/managers need to add new colleagues by entering their email address and click the invitation button. The new colleague then needs to accept the invitation by clicking the accept button in her or his email inbox. Only then she or he is required to set a password.
  3. Password was entered incorrectly. Solution: Click on "Forgot password". You will receive an email from us with a link to reset your password. If this e-mail does not arrive, it is due to wrong e-mail.
  4. Email address was entered incorrectly.
    1. Often "gmail" is confused with "googlemail"
    2. The access / e-mail has not yet been released. This can happen with newly created company e-mail addresses: First, the e-mail must be created by your own IT before the account is created.
    3. If you are not sure which email address you have been registered with Staffomatic check your email inboxes and look for the invitation from "Staffomatic".
  5. If in doubt, send us an email to support (at) staffomatic . com with the used link for the login attempt, email address and your first and last name, and we will check the data.