How do I create an automatic break in time tracking?

With the automatic break deduction you can decide how much break time is deducted depending on the recorded working time of your employees.

An automatic break is a break that is added to your employees' time records after a certain working time or at a certain time. This enables the automatic deduction of break time from the normal working time, e.g. according to the law.

To set up automatic break deduction, navigate to Time Tracking > Settings > Break Management and define the minimum and maximum length of working time.
The working hours and the break length can be defined individually.

In practice, you can have several breaks applied after certain working time for the same shift, e.g.:

  • a break length of 30 minutes with a minimum duration of 15 minutes and a maximum duration of 6 hours
  • a break length of 45 minutes with a minimum duration of 6 hours and a maximum duration of 9 hours.

The generally applicable legal situation in Germany, for example, stipulates that 30 minutes must be taken as a break if the work lasts six hours, and a total of 45 minutes must be taken if the work lasts nine hours or more, which is deducted from the gross working time.


If the break rule is deleted, will all automatic breaks be deleted retroactively?
No. If a break rule is deleted, then the already deducted break is not removed from the timer.

If the break rule is changed, will all automatic breaks be adjusted retroactively?
No. If an automatic break is changed, the changes will not retroactively affect the automatic breaks.

If the user accidentally creates a manual break, will the automatic break be deleted?
No. If the user stamps a manual break, the automatic break will be added.

Is an automatic break created according to the break rule when the timer is created manually?

Timer created and finished, then break rule created. Is the break taken over?
No. Automatic break is not taken over. The pause rule must be created before the timer is started.

Timer started. Pause rule created. Timer finished. Is the pause taken over?
Yes, the break will be taken over.

If a break is taken over from the shift schedule because the automatic linking of the shift with the time recording has taken place, will both breaks be saved?
No. Only the break from the weekly schedule is taken over.

If an additional break is stamped or a fast break is selected, will there be a total of 3 breaks?
Yes, all 3 breaks are displayed.