How can I carry over an employee's remaining vacation days into the following year?

Employees do not always take all of their vacation days, so the remaining days can be carried over to the following year in the employee's profile.

  1. Open the profile of the employee. At the top center you will find the vacation widget with a pencil icon at the bottom right, click on it.

  2. Select the year in the dropdown list in which too many or too little vacation days were taken  (usually the previous year).
  3. Available vacation days shows how many vacation days are left
    1. Ensure that all employee leave requests have been processed in the outgoing year and that no additional leave is accrued.
  4. Enter the number of the remaining days in the outgoing year in the 'Transferred' field for the next year and confirm with 'Save'.
    1. You can check whether it worked by clicking on the next (usually current) year in the dropdown list at the top.

Note: Sometimes employees take more vacation days than they are entitled to. Use the minus sign to deduct vacation days. 


  • An automatic vacation carryover is planned but not yet implemented.
  • The same applies to an expiry of transferred vacation days on a certain date.
    • Please go to main menu and click "missing a function?" and contribute your feature request or vote for existing ones.