First of all, we regret that you want to leave us and just want to let you know at this very moment, that we really would like to know why you want to go, since this valuable information is a major chance for us to improve in a way, that some day in the future you wouldn't have left us in the same situation.

Please make sure to export all data like tracked times, absences and assignments before you leave.

Go to your account at the top right => Account settings. Scroll down to the bottom, there you will find the button Cancel account irrevocably.
All related data will be irrevocably deleted from the server.

This option is only available for admins. Employees have to contact the admin to delete the profile.
If you do not delete the account, it remains and can be reactivated at a later time. However, this is only possible before the end of the test phase, at a later time this is not permitted and the invoices are still generated and are payable.

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