API Integration between Staffomatic and Personio

Setting up the interface to Personio is easy. On the other hand you'll have to do some settings on both platforms, and to do so you need admin rights both, in Personio and in Staffomatic.

Settings in Personio:

1. Create a credential. Credentials are used to identify the accounts that are going to be connected.
One option is to note the informations and to manually insert details in Staffomatic or to create a credentials file and upload it to Staffomatic later.
In order to do so head to settings, API and "credentials".

2. The second step is to decide for the information that is granted excess for the integration. Chose among the following attributes:

- Name

- Surname

- E-Mail

- Weekly working hours

- Vacation days number

- First working day

- Last working day

Move to Settings > API > Access/Edit

Einstellungen in Staffomatic:

1. Go to the integrations tab in the navigation and follow the install instructions of the Personio integration.

2. Now, open the integration and start with the Setup requiring four steps: (1) Drop the Credentials-Information or upload the file created earlier.

(2) Select sync sources. The master data of your employees can only be synced from Personio to Staffomatic. This is why at this point there are no further settings available. Personio is the dominant system here. If you want to change data later you'll have to do in Personio. When you change data in Staffomatic it will be reset by the integration after a while, so it doesn't make change to change employee details in Staffomatic.
Furthermore you can decide if data from time tracking shall be synced from Staffomatic to Personio or if you want to deactivate this function.

Also, we need to decide whether absences from Staffomatic or from Personio will be used. Both systems do have their advantages. Decide for yourself, but you can choose only one.

Finalize by klicking save and be patient for a moment. The system imports employee data now which can take a few seconds.

Now step (3) is to config user sync.

You can see all users that were found in Personio and need to decide which profiles you want to sync to Staffomatic.

The last step (4) is to set the sync options, in other words to do individual fine tuning:

Enable background sync

This function is elementary and should be set "Yes". The integration will sync every two hours.

Enable personio hire date

Use this function in order to grant your employees access to Staffomatic only with their first working day (hire date).

Enable personio last working day

Now, if you want to block an employee automatically when the user leaves the comapany set "last working day". Caution! The user data will be further available and therefor you will still be charged for the user.

Only approved staffomatic absences

When Staffomatic was set as the absence system you can choose here whether you want to transmit all absence requests or only those accepted or declined.

Only verified staffomatic work timers

In Staffomatic verifying work timers allows you to double check whether an employee checked in and out correctly. It minimizes false net working hours. Now, you can chose whether you want all timers to be synced or only those verified.

Invite Saffomatic User

If set true, after the first sync all users will receive an invitation to open their Staffomatic profile via their E-Mail addresses. Please make sure that employees know about this change and also make sure they check their spam since the invitation depending on the provider may end up there. If you need more time here you can also invite user manually later.

Further settings are not important and can be jumped over.

In order to finalize the setup klick "save" and the integration is complete. The first sync will happen latest after two hours.

Create Absence Category in Staffomatic

When creating absence categories in Staffomatic, make sure to use exactly the same titles as set in Personio.

If for instance one category in Personio is "Paid Leave", make sure to create also "Paid Leave" in Staffomatic. Only then the system will match the two.

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