Absences: How can employees request sick leave including upload of medical certificate?

A suitable absence category is to be created by an admin. Employees can then submit an absence request and upload a medical certificate. The relevant planners will be notified of requests.

Which absence category setting by the admin is required?

Note: The absence category e.g. "Sickness" or "Sick Leave" (freely nameable) has to be created by admins. This can be achieved under Absences - Absence Categories.

When creating an absence category (e.g. sick/vacation/training), the following options are available:
  • As an employee (staff user), you can only see absence categories available in the location. An all-location absence category is visible, if the staff is assigned to at least one department in any department. Those created only within one location are visible, if the staff is assigned to any department within this location.
  • The absence category also allows a definition whether users with the role employee (i.e. not Admins/Managers) may submit an absence request in the respective absence category themselves.
  • Admins can create absences for all employees. Managers can create absences for employees who are assigned to at least one common department.

How to create an absence request?

To call in sick, employees log into their account via staffomatic.com/en/login in their browser (computer or smartphone).

There are two ways to create an absence:

  1. Absences tab: Create absence. Here employees can create absences for themselves and also admins/managers can create absences for their employees.
  2. Create an absence for yourself: Click on the profile picture on the top right: Profile - Absences (centered above the calendar). An absence can then be created by clicking in the calendar in the corresponding day, small + symbols are visible here.

    If it is not a full day absence, this can be indicated by specifying the time.

Where can sick notes/certificates be uploaded?

Once an absence request has been created, the certificate can also be uploaded.

Applicants can access this option by clicking on the absence and uploading the file at the bottom left of the note icon.

Who will be informed about the absence request?

As soon as an absence request has been submitted, the planners are notified and can process it. Affected planners are admins and also managers who are assigned in the same department.

  • They will receive an email. 
  • They will also see in their dashboard on the right side that a new absence has been created.

What do I need to do as a manager or admin accepting or denying an absence request?

Once the planer received an Email with the sick leave request, the planer can click in the email on the blue button 'Go to request', where the planer will be redirected to the specific absence request.

Alternatively the planer will see the new absence request in the dashboard on the right hand side. There you will have the option do approve ✔️ or decline ✖️  the absence request. If you click on the absence date, you will be redirected to the absence request.

Once you have been redirected to the absence request, you will have the option to approve, decline, delete or edit the request.

The option 'deduct from vacation days' should not be marked, if the employee applied for sick leave.


The employee will receive an Email, once the absence request has been approved or declined.