What do I need to know as Stuart driver?

I am a Stuart driver and want to connect to schedules, apply for shifts and get things working. So here comes all you need to know.

1. Accept E-Mail Invitation

Important Notice:
Only when approved as Stuart driver after application, you will receive an invitation for Staffomatic that is sent from Stuart. Do not create a Staffomatic account yourself. Just accept the invitation sent to you via e-mail.

If you did not receive an invitation e-mail:
  1. Check the Spam folder of your device (smartphone, tablet etc.)
  2. Check the Spam folder of your service provider (login directly to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.)
  3. Whitelist or add Staffomatic as contact to avoid the same in the future
  4. Still no invitation: Please contact Stuart and communicate your correctly spelled e-mail address.

2. Getting started

  1. Fill in your details
  2. Set a password which literally could be anything and make sure not to forget
  3. Click "accept invitation"

3. Getting around

There are two ways of using the scheduler:

For simple actions, you can download the mobile Staffomatic app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

For advanced actions and full usage use the web browser app, available via lookup on our website https://staffomatic.com/en/login

The mobile app will be explained at the end of the article.

When logging in to Staffomatic, you typically find two major dropdown menues.

1. The top left dropdown is for selecting the area / type of jobs you want to apply for.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-28 um 15.43.01

2. The top right dropdown is for accessing your profile and change details, e-mail or password.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-28 um 15.43.10

3. Schedules is the only important part of the app for you, head there and easily navigate between months, select a week and start working.

4. Applications, cancellations and trades of slots

If a week is not available, it is not published yet. You may receive the information about the timing of schedule release from Stuart. You will receive an e-mail from Staffomatic, saying that Stuart has released a new schedule. Now, login to your Staffomatic profile for applying to Slots.

There are distinct departments. When scrolling down, it might take a moment until all departments are loaded. You can arrange them via drag & drop under the button "sort departments".

Next is List, Employee and Calendar view. You may receive a different overview using the other options. Month view is available only in the list view.

In the weekly list view you may find additional filters that e.g. help when new schedules are released. Show shorthanded shifts only makes it easier to find available slots. You also find the option "more" right here allowing you to print your schedule or subscribe for your shifts via URL. Paste the link in your personal calendar to synchronize your slots.

Unavailable slots that are yet stuffed are shown blank white.

Apply, trade, cancel

Available slots are grey-white-rayed. Click an available slot and continue with the grey button "apply now".

Available swaps are also grey-white-rayed but two little arrows indicate that someone wants to get rid of his or her assignment.

Swapping slots is available when filtering for your own assignments, clicking the shift and on to swap request. Remember, you are assigned until someone else accepts the swap.

If you are early on, it might also be possible to cancel by clicking on "revoke assignment" or the red cross. However, if the slot is very soon this option might becomes unavailable.

Mobile Smartphone App

The mobile app brings two core features: My shifts and all shifts.

Under all shifts you can apply for those shifts that do not have any check hook on the right side. Only grey slots without that mark are available for application.

Under my shifts those marked in blue are the ones you are assigned to.

Use the sync button on the top right if you are having trouble receiving data. If you cannot apply to slots try the web-app before calling Stuart.

Slots that are available for swap are marked so you just click on them and accept swap, if you want to take over the assignment.

If you want to offer your slot for swapping, access the shift via my shifts and click the button on the bottom left. Now, state a reason why you can't do the job and send. You'll remain assigned until someone takes over the application.