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Terms, Agreements & Data Security Data Processing Agreement, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), General Terms and Conditions of Staffomatic, Legal Claas Babendererde

General Terms & Conditions of Staffomatic

They can be read online on our website. By creating any account on Staffomatic those terms and conditions are agreed on.

Data-Processing Agreement

The agreement will constitute from creating an account. The existing agreement can be downloaded in the account settings (click profile picture top right in the app and then on the "Policy" button).

General data security policy

As a player in the international digital media world we value data security a lot and exceed the standard of EU data security policy. Our measures can be seen on the following page:

Short Review

Our servers are all situated in Germany and there is no physical data in our office when it's closed. Furthermore, client data is only saved on our cloud and cannot be redeemed from stolen laptops.

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