Mobile Smartphone Apps

Learn all about our mobile smartphone apps and the possibility to save the browser version as an app on your smartphone here

Staffomatic - Staff App

The free mobile smartphone and tablet app for employees to have their shift schedules with them on the go.

All viewing options are based on the settings in the Staffomatic browser version.


  • View shifts across locations
  • Apply for empty or understaffed shifts
  • Swap and take over shifts
  • View shift notes

The Android app is available in the Google Play Store or for iOs devices in the App Store.

Information on system requirements and updates can be found at the links below.

This app is for the above functions only. For all other Staffomatic options, it is recommended to login via the browser. Shift applications made in the app or a swap will be reflected accordingly in the weekly schedules in the browser.

Display and meaning

The red stripe always marks the current date.

  • gray shift - Shift without your participation
  • gray shift with blue border - you have applied for this shift
  • blue layer - you are assigned
  • a small tick marks if the shift is already full.

Push messages

It is important to allow push messages during the initial installation. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to edit the push messages later. The development of the app has been discontinued and the app will be replaced by an improved mobile view with push features in the future.


If you run into problems, you can still access your Staffomatic via the mobile browser at any time. Make sure that either the app or the browser app is up to date. Tap at least 3 times in a row on "Refresh" in the mobile app (2 blue arrows on the top right), now the data should be reloaded. Close the app (double-home button on iPhone or square on Android devices and wipe the app away). Delete it and install it again.

Terminal Staffomatic


For mobile devices, the app is available for free in the Google Play Store (Android) and the
App Store (Apple).
You can find the app under the name "Terminal-Staffomatic". 

The app must be downloaded and installed before use.
Minimum operating system requirement:

  • Android 8.1 or higher
  • iOS 9.0. or higher


The digital time clock (terminal) can only be used if an administrator or manager has previously activated it once by logging in. It is important that "stay logged in" has been selected beforehand when logging in to Staffomatic. The log-in data for the terminal are the same as for Staffomatic. 

ATTENTION: Logging into the terminal with employee data or data from another company, which is then forgotten, will lead to irreparable damage to the app. On the respective device, the app is then no longer usable - only via the browser version.

In the background, the Staffomatic interface must be logged out as soon as the terminal has been activated. This is a separate app, which prevents sensitive data from being put at risk. Of course, it is important that the log-in data for Staffomatic has not been saved by the browser. Otherwise, cookies & cache including saved passwords should be deleted.


Employees need a PIN to pin in. See the article on time tracking for more information. Users can then enter their PIN for time tracking and the terminal will remain enabled.

The terminal must be activated once for each device and each browser, as required. Depending on requirements, it can be left at the employee's workstation, a tablet can be used at the entrance, or the employee's cell phone can be used.

For more details on the use, please refer to the article Time tracking. The function is identical.

Control and correction

A correction and control of the current or already recorded times can take place at any time in the browser. This option is only available to managers and administrators.

Further development

Further development of the app has been discontinued and the mobile view is constantly being improved. We recommend using the browser variant.

Save Staffomatic browser version as app on smartphone

In order to be able to use the full range of Staffomatic functions on the move, we recommend saving the browser version as an app on your smartphone so that you no longer miss any updates!