You can save a lot of time, if you do the following: 

1. Invite employees
Create employees with their email addresses. They will be sent an invitation email with a link to create a password and get access to the account: 

2. Create individual departments
In order to create shifts in your weekly schedule you need to create individual departments and assign your employees to them: 

3. Create weekly schedule
Before you can create shifts you first of all need to create a weekly schedule:

4. Create shifts in the weekly schedule
Now you can create the shifts directly in the weekly schedule: 

5.1. Assign relevant employees to the shifts
You have two options to options to assign the employees to the shifts. The first option is to assign the employees to the shifts yourself as admin or manager: 


5.2. Let employees apply for shifts
The second option is to publish the schedule and to let the employees apply for free shifts: 

6. Published the finished weekly schedule
All employees will be informed by email about a new published schedule and can access it to see their shifts, apply for free shifts or swap shifts: 

And there you have your finished schedule!  

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