The contract between our mobile app supplier and us was cancelled, so we decided not to support the mobile apps anymore and currently worked on an improved mobile view including notifications. Nonetheless the apps are still available in the iOS and Google Play stores.

Both apps require

  • Android 6.0 oder höher
  • iOS 9.0. oder höher

Employee App

Here are the links for the employee app. It is designed only to manage shifts and assignments.

If you want to receive push notifications, it is important to accept them right away. Afterwards there is no further chances to change the option. Even uninstalling won't help. You can chose about notifications only once per device when installing for the first time.


The login is the same which you are using for the Staffomatic profile.

Design navigation and explanations

The red date is today.

On the bottom are two tabs, one is shifts you are assigned for, the other is all shifts available for your location(s) and department(s).

On the top right you can update shifts (can take up to 5 minutes after release by manager) and ex- or include applications.

All shifts

  • grey shift is without you taking part
  • grey shift in blue frame: You applied for the shift
  • blue shift: You are assigned
  • little check-hook marks a fully booked shift

Terminal App


Use the browser version of the terminal. Currently predefined breaks don't work with the mobile app and once someone else but admin or manager tried to set sharp you will lose the mobile app on the device forever.


Look for the app under "Terminal-Staffomatic".

Login: Only admins and managers.

Pin Matrix: 5 digits generated in your Staffomatic profile


This app is the mobile terminal that allows employees to check-in and out from work time recording when using this feature in Staffomatic. The app needs to be set sharp by an admin or manager.

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