Welcome to the new Staffomatic!

To make it easier for you to get started with the new version, here is a brief overview of what to expect in the new version:

  • Navigation even clearer: You can now find them at the top of the desktop view. 
  • Performance improvements: the WebApp loads much faster with a large amount of data 
  • Management across locations made even easier:
  • Our new dashboard gives you an overview of all your managed locations. You can then easily navigate from location to location.

All our functions are now cross-site (except weekly planning). You can now see all data for all locations at once. Especially handy for:

  • Employee listsAbsencesWork time recordingEvaluations
  • An optimized global search (available only in the Professional version): a redesigned search box that lets you search for employees or workspaces.

New design: Our Web App takes on new colors.

Optimized for tablets and smartphones: 

convenient navigation at the bottom of the screen and an even more convenient design for use on your favorite mobile device.
The remaining functions remain unchanged for the time being and we are currently working on the redesign of our help page.

Spoiler Alert: We will also release some new features with the new version.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via chat or email to ask us your questions.

Your Staffomatic-Team (by Easypep)


How can I return to the previous version?

You can still return to the previous version by logging out of the beta version first and logging back into the old URL:

(kontoname stands for the name of your account)

How long can I use the previous version?

At the moment you can return to the previous version at any time by clicking on the appropriate link in your account.

From a date to be determined and after the official start we will gradually change all accounts only to the new version. Don't worry: we'll keep you up to date!

What does this name change change? Does this affect my bill?

Don't worry, first only the tool itself changes its name, your subscription remains unchanged and our services are always offered by Easypep UG. The entire invoicing remains unchanged.

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