Staffomatic enables you to carry over the vacation days of your employees from the last year.
For this it is of course necessary, that your employees were existing in Staffomatic during the previous year.

How it's done:

Head to your location settings of the location you would like to activate the feature for.
Right here you can find the setting "carry vacation days over". Hit the checkbox and press the safe button in the top left corner afterwards.

As soon as the feature is activated, Staffomatic will update the vacation days of those employees, who are assigned to the given location.

Within absence requests for the current year you will now be able to see how many vacation days from the last and the current year are available for your employees.

New function in absences:

Below you will find an overview of how to transfer and debit vacation quotas: 

The maximum vacation days per year for the employee in the current year: 

1. Select the year and enter the maximum vacation days of an employee here. For example: You want to grant your employee 35 days of vacation per year in 2019.  

2. The total "Corrected days" of the leave requests for the current year:
Here you will find an overview of the already confirmed vacation days. 

3. Here you can see the holiday carried forward from the previous year
(e.g. 2018 > 2019) If this was not transferred correctly, you can correct the leave carryforward from the previous year. Before making a correction, check whether there are any errors in the absences, for example, because leave requests were not confirmed. 

4. Here you can see the calculated unused leave days for the current year, including leave carryovers from the previous year.

5. ACTION: Carry forward the unused vacation days to the following year.
If you want to correct the carryover from the previous year, click on the selected year and repeat the carryover of the remaining holidays. 

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