All kinds of delivery services need to plan their drivers in their shift plan. STAFFOMATIC provides two options: do you want to plan the drivers in fixed routes, go to option 1. If you want to plan drivers, routes and vehicles, go to option 2.

Option 1: fixed routes, but the drivers need to be coordinated

Create the routes in the section "departments" so that they will be shown in the weekly schedule: Route 1, Route 2, Route 3.

Now the employees can be assigned to the departments/routes. Drivers that only ride route 1 will accordingly only be assigned to this shift, etc. You as the admin decide what employee should work on what route. 

Now you go to the weekly schedule and create shifts in the corresponding departments/routes. This could look like this for example: 

Option 2: employees and vehicles need to be coordinated

Here the drivers as well as the vehicles are being created as employees. Now just like in the option 1, the routes will be created as departments. Now create a shift in the weekly schedule and assign driver and vehicle to it:

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