Is your company entitled to do input tax deduction? 

The value added tax is calculated as a percentage of the reward and makes up together with it the price the beneficiary has to pay. 

The value added tax identification number (short: VAT ID) is a distinctive qualification of a taxable company within the European Union.

Why does one need a value added tax identification number? 

The value added tax identification number authorizes the participation in the EU-wide domestic market. Holders of such a number have the possibility to deliver goods free of tax to other EU-member states, considered that the trading partner can also show a valid VAT ID. 

While exporting into another EU-country there will be no taxes charged when stating the VAT ID, instead the recipient will have to tax the incomes with the tax rates of the destination country. 

So because of this destination principle, the taxation will be shifted to the recipient country. 

Where can I find the VAT ID in STAFFOMATIC?

In your STAFFOMATIC account you will find the VAT ID under "account", "plans and billing" and "billing information and payment method". 

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