In order to create an absence you first of all need to create categories.
Go to "Absences" and click on "+new category". Now you enter a name like for example vacation or illness, chose a color and click on "create". 

Now you (as admin or manager) can create an absence for yourself or for your employees. Simply click on the red button "+create absence" and a new window will open. 

In this new window you have the option to create an absence with the following information:

  • what employee is requesting an absence
  • in what timeframe
  • which category, for example vacation, illness or others
  • paid?
  • deduct from vacation days (when the absence is for example not justified by illness)
  • if comments can be made and files uploaded

By clicking on "create" the absence request is being made. You (as admin or manager) can immediately approve the request. 

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